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Impetuous column
or How to Extract Back Tooth to Bourgeoisie.

Note of author: Till 2020/10/5 was ordering my columns Czech TV and Goverment of Czech Rep., whoam I send the refer-tag to this site. - The thema is unriddling by me only! ;o)


Our gayity!

... that could be translated roughly as Our natural homosexuality. Gay state was officially eradicated from marriages in the year 2045. It was announced that registered partnership existed so that registered partners could be found easily and undergo treatment.
To treat atrophated homosexuality isolation and lithium are used - same as in the treatment of bipolar disorder which had e.g. Beethowen.
Czech country is literally covered with them, they are all over (wonder if it’s not due to the electromagnetic signal). Family is in the hands of tenderloin - me myself being a a-sexual-bi-sexual I had literally aversion to the ideal of Czech ladies i.e. the latent homosexual lanky Czech man ;o) - the tenderloin that keeps the family together. ;o)
Today, by the way, a civil paper was published on both platforms: Martin Meeka - Among Us Gays - 1. Revelation. So enjoy the reading.
-the author is Marazko-

translation by MPS Ltd. Prague CZ

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