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Impetuous column
or How to Extract Back Tooth to Bourgeoisie.

Note of author: Till 2020/10/5 was ordering my columns Czech TV and Goverment of Czech Rep., whoam I send the refer-tag to this site. - The thema is unriddling by me only! ;o)

Dragon has risen. The anthem has sounded. All is well in Czechia again. It’s started from the beginning again, but the harvest is at home, under the roof.
The dragon pulled out a card saying: "More and more signatures on the petition to go back to the medieval time in our area." But it doesn’t matter - the train keeps going.
What fools they are, right? Medieval times! An invention of scientist enabling him to rule better. We have to turn off a lot, but we’ll keep the train and electric car - that’s what the dragon says. Plane is idiotic, signal too, they both just make us stupid, but the train - that’s something, the real base. Well, whatever - our dragon guide says - that will be solved in the future. Let’s try not to give them opportunity to a coup and live !decently!. In respect to our only Jedi, who has invented !decently!.
Oppression is something that breaks down exactly in the moment when you laugh at it. Those who want to oppress turn to violence then. That’s something you can’t laught at, but you can ignore it and in the past disidency could be used, thanks to the happy capital schism in Europe or in the present, underground (the children of the Internationale). Today's life in Europe is heading towards informing so let’s be informers slowly and step by steps in order to not forget anything, or we might make a mistake. So I’m wishing you to go about it !decently!.


About A Small Dragon.

Once upon the time, the wise Ezop met a dragon on his way home. Words appear in Ezop’s head: "I need you to take care of my baby." "Ok, I haven’t brought up a dragon yet, I can’t go wrong," is Ezop’s response taking dragon’s egg back home.
Two days later, a dragon hatched. Ezop was still sleeping. The dragon went to the fields - a Bohemia anthem sounded - and a woman appeared next to him. "New here?" she asked, "so let’s get Ezop, what a daring to accept a dragon in his home, Valas, do your job!" Valas comes, initiates the dragon so he shines bright and Ezop with his house is gone. Instead of that we have a valley with a cave and the dragon having the same size as his parent. "He was good, that Ezop - we’ve enjoyed it a lot, my youth etc. He longed for that - giving me birth," the dragon says to Ezop’s friends…

Fates of people and dragons have been vailed with something strange since ancient times - strange of Secret - maybe they are born this way, maybe some other way. That’s a matter of fantasy, nothing to do with us. Trust our animals more than us. The more we want to fight for their rights, the less we really undrstand what they want. I think that rat tests is something rats ask for straight and they do not want to live it us much. When you think about nature, no one knows who is the father and who is the son, who eats whom, who uses whom.
So hail to Ezop - he gave birth to the dragon.


News From the Unknown.

One day I was coming back home and found that it wasn’t the place I used to be. So I ordered the UltraSharp unit added the S.W.O.R.D. unit from Vexill 2077 and kept going "This time is really interesting," I was telling to myself, "on one side there is 1968 and on the other one BORN78, you just don’t know what to go for." I opened the door and went inside the house. My dog Falcon welcomed me: "Scratch me behind my ear." I scratch him while taking my shoes off - I’m a master, ain’t I - and enter the kitchen where the story ends.


Crisis Doesn’t Leave Itself.

In times when the kings recalculate H-kvatum in the Sun and the woman is under the risk of a relationship a rosy-faced man being in his main hostility i.e. between Russia and the USA, decided to start a war in Afghanistan. With this act this civilization becomes latent in its efficacy. I was expecting to find the civilazation in a severe legal schism but saved from the literally stupid development. I was expecting demonstrations of women for the rights of Mekka to self-determination" (excuse because of the king). Nevertheless I found the civilization demonstrating against the VAT level and all in an unhealthy addiction to such a socially detrimental thing as the Word of the Unions.
When we make a sum of all recent factors regarding anthropology, we will find out that we do not exist in fact, but only by debt. We can take it as a certain development but believe me, there’s no way out anymore (a cop will always shoot you but is it good for anything) We can take it through sci-fi or a law. Thank you for your attention and do your best (I mean it ;o)).


When the Radar Failed, He Created An Electric Guitar.

Tamara is swinging on the axle and out of the blue, it’s gone. "Hey guys where are you, I’m somewhere in England," she’s shouting terrified. "I don’t know what happened, Zeman has changed something in her and became a beatle. He gave an order - he is Macha, we are Beatles and with you together somewhere in England on a data tractor loaded with apples," Zeman’s security guyas say.
„... do we know each other?" Tamara says.


When Will Czech TV Betray Us?!

I’m reacting to the recently aired series Anatomy of Betrayal - Emanuel Moravec. In Czechia we have been more papal than the pope and that’s why a detrimental work about EM was filmed. After watching the first episode I see him as a capable agent of Beneš in uncertain times of protectorate. In my view, after the discussions about removing Beneš, EM has immediately informed the respective places and he was authorized by the government to inform about sensitive information for the Reichsprotector in order to please him. Later on, Beneš emmigrated being afraid of his people just like we are used to (either people go to the pub or hang someone on a lamp - creativity is really punished in Czechia!)
The only thing that secures the priority right of my TV card to tune ČT in my home is that it has illustrated the story of EM colourfully enough and a clever watcher gets the era and situation accordingly.


We’ll Command Chlama, Pest - Czech TV!

Same as we keep seing the same in the mirror, the poor Chlama must be staring at us from the TV and that’s why it has created an almost impeccable algorithm T2 for its complacency. The shameless ČT employees have been trying to decode the algorithm for two years already trying to understand (and just like Koniáš in the Dark Age screening the Bible with the infinite white desire to change the world to their image). Just looking at the ČT24 quality, I have to admit they will definitely not succeed and the world will be saved. Thank you for the necessary attention.


Shame On You, Electroshock!

I don’t know how about you but I had the honor to walk through a Czech madhouse being a patient (diagnose: schizoaffective disorder - manic type) so I know a little bit mor about this sphere. Today, in the king’s recalculation of the Sun H-factor many proceedings from the Dark Side Kan-Li are added to the imperial psychiatry and one of them is the electroshock. I had the opportunity to see a man returning from his first electroschock and it’s really not a nice experience.
Psychiatrist, soldier and movie maker rule the world since ever and I think they are doing well, because they manage even the social SCABIES quite brilliantly. The only thing I would probably implant into the young ones out of the things mentioned above, is the SHAME from the ordered electroshock done on us, fools. From the karma’s point of a man the assignment is quite funny, but in a big amount of individuals we are getting to (what I call it) HitlerJugend mannerism of the society.
So when someone will try to feed you with how they suffered under the STB, send them to the madhouse where reality is created from you with the treatment and those who will come can prepare for their retirement. ;o)


Douglas, You Foretell Many Things!

When you are walking through the automatic speaking door on the pages of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams with the maniodepressive robot Marvin, remember the current setup of your TV in your living room. Marvin hates automatic speaking door and considers it useless. I have probably become Marvin. Recently I wanted to record something on the TV set based on my experience with the TV cards in the pc and I found out I was probably from Mars. My wife is probably not from Venus because she’s willingly advised me how to set it up.
So when you walk through the door again, remember themaniodepressive robot Marvin created by Douglas Adams who can’t stand the witch who rules and has probably filmed that about himself. So when you do, then user-friendly, please. ;o)


Police Whatever State!

The other day, I say a program on the Prima TV channel where the Headquarters are warning all decent people to stay at home, otherwise they might get slapped by cops. At least I have understood that program this way!
Should we be scared? Keep our daughters at home so that a deceitful seller would not throw a theft on her created by a crooked software? No, I got it! There is a way how to ensure fame for cops and peace for us:
We’ll do a peep-show for them! At first, there will be undressing, our matrons will be clucking at TV and then arresting with a domina on the other side of the collar (for men) (have a guess where the handcuffs will be stored just in case (for ladies) ;o) ). And that will be commercial TV, right, what do you say, Prima?


300 Words!

300 words is an old anarchist lawsuit against journalists. How to explain the principles of psychiatry as simply as possible to you. I’ll try!
In 300 words, there’s the desire of bourgeoisie to fill the rest of the article with itself, and it’s supposed to be inoccuous. You understand that when they are hiding they cannot afford to teach the principles of bourgeoisie in a school for journalists. But an experienced teacher hopes that the students inhale the bourgeoisie topic from the society and add it to their articles suffering with the missing knowledge.
300 words is just a blackmailing of the youth to make them cooperate better and I don’t think that in our newly achieved freedom this is what we need. A bunch of journalists who will just want to "show it" to the bourgeoisie and FINALLY fuck the 300 words. Thank you for your attention.


Let’s Disinfect the Middle East!

Problem of the disinfection nowadays is that everything disinfected "trains" the bacteria agains which the disinfection is supposed to work. That’s why Kan-Li temples warn against using disinfection out of the hospitals.
In the doctor’s COVID-19 impertinence in the diplomacy and expenses, it is common that I’ve heard on the TV that the Czech Republic has bought 9 million Litres of disinfectants in one go. Thanks to this impertinence new financial tigers were born, who make "good" business in the time of the crisis.
The Kan-Li radio does not only like warning, it also likes doing business with your karma. So write a minus point as the state budget a small coup in the Middle East…and be scared with a doctor behind you ass. Thank you for your attention.


Lend me A Pencil!

This morning I was watching a press conference of the President of the Senate, Miloš Vystrčil, ODS. The president said a typical right-wing formula spoiling me (being an ODA voter) and you for hundreds of years. What he said was this: "When two people have an agreement among themselves, they don’t have to pay attention to social relationships with each other." (Something about lending a pencils was mentioned.)
This is probably one of the biggest mistakes of the right wing (I am a right-wing person but I’m forty already so I do think about it). When two people close an agreement, the more they have to pay attention to social "skills" such as lending a pencil. That’s the reason why our ex-president Václav Klaus literally blew himself out. Because he hasn't been lending his pencil to anyone, in his communist right-wing attitude.
Interpersonal relationships just have to be taken care of and agreements belong to the nails into the coffin of the good ones - when we earn money (and agreements are here to do that), then we have to pay on the other side. Thank you for your attention.


Million Moments for the Right!

Culture of the right is something very delicate. Even more delicate than the culture itself. The modern Standup comedies that say nothing and educate noone are equal to what a lawyer dares to do!
... and voila, here is the Quiet Revolution supported by corrupted lawyers able to do anything for a few bucks instead of defending their system.
So next time when you ask your neighbor where are your children, be sure that thanks to the Quiet Revolution being done in the last 13 years you are not spreading alarming news which you could be blamed for 13 years ago by Mr Kalousek (our powered by Arnold). The right goes to people and we understand now that a "good" lawyer is not enough, without a good law. Thank you for your attention.


Incapacity of Mobile Networks!

Everyone who is a bit knowledgeable in this sphere knows that mobile signal is a little bit different than the television one. The mobile signal is significant through so called pushes whereas the television signal is continuous. Television is taken care of by chlamydia whereas mobile signal is taken care of by tarantula since ever. .
I am an ex-employee of Vodafone CZ on a position of an BSS engineer II and we, field mice, carry a fable about the shock of Zeman being scared of a huge tarantula crawling out of the first antenna. He was shocked, chased it through the republic and we, field mice, supported by our bosses, have to air in astral from poles and delete the pushes which enables astral flying in the television signal. You who fly don’t have to worry, the tarantula will send you back from the push for something in return, everything is quid pro quo, there’s no other way.
In my opinion, a woman calling from her mobile would disappear if there wasn’t the tarantula so I ask for a unconditional recognition of tarantula and if you will, let’s do it like at school, a traditional ultimate from Netery. Agent Netery.


Lend me, Czech Police!

The one who is familiar with our politics knows that even though it doesn’t look like, it is better. "The ex-skater" whose note was commented by me: "This is not my president!", developed and he even hasn’t stealed much money (definitely not more than Babiš). The worst thing is the result I can see in this act (because the state officials still want ODS) in the Czech Police.
I had heating on my back, I don’t remember that but I can feel it on my body. The Czech Police would come by every week with their leader trying to devastate m. I’m not saying that they are not allowed to do so in a "legal state" but the Czech Police has some real beasts there. Surprisingly, it is still like that.
So when someone will try to feed you with how they suffered under the STB, send them to the madhouse or to the current prison where the "new" age tries to make its way through and get established. So have a nice fight - let’s see the good win!


Let’s Sing A Song Out Loud, but in German!

The one who was familiar with our politics knows that even though it didn’t look like that it was mainly East Germany ruling the people here in the communist time. Also now people say in the Union that where is not Germany, there is no EU. The deeply rooted German elements such as bourgeoisie, in the Czech history, is so strong that it even blocks establishment of ultra-right groups and gives opportunity to populist parties such as SPD (Populist because direct democracy is good for nothing when it blocks the parliament.)
The communism arrived in the time when it was necessary to "kill" the fascism in us and I think it named the worst sides of human psyche noble names. - The treatment is over but the life still goes on! So for the future I can see the way of a fascist office and community family in the democracy.
So let’s remind ourselves of the immortal German movie Fack ju Göthe (intentional misspelling of Fuck you Goethe). If you, Germans, are teachers of Europe, then you are right saying fuck you to yourself! ;o)


The Damn Munich!

I once mentioned the Czech fascist time and now I would like to touch on the damn Munich.
For us it’s the biggest betrayal of the allies that wasn’t mended with the conquest whereas they do not inform about it in their country which is their small lie. In every case, it is a situation that is unequal and i was interested in it.
I made an investigation in my head because according to the Theory of Theories connection between the head and the body is synonym of th connection of reality and fantasy and surprisingly, I came to the conclusion (but !be careful!) it is a bit paranoid message) that our king fell to the year of 1938 in Germany (being, from their point of view, living in the future in Bohemia) and after the big Munich Agreement he was made Hitler by them, leaving the Sudetenland for us, because there was just no other way and the results of the betrayal must have started to come into reality.
It is funny how much many have done for their famous future since that time and Hitler could have stand his ground and hold the reins of the world tight until 2013. So let’s run the newly achieved freedom and don’t let anyone spoil our mood - such stories might recede. ;o)


Old CzechTek - Big Hunting Ball!

Once upon a time, when I was young and CzechTeks were organized the cops were nicer, Babiš dilemmas were far away and apples were sweeter (because they weren’t BIO ;o) ). I remember a scene from a CzechTek in Lipnice where a couple of village policemen not knowing colloquial speech of my generation tried to prevent about 20 thousand "raiders" sorted in 4-5 cars in a car queue to enter the meadow. How did it end up? The cars started to bypass the policemen getting to the meadow.
What am I trying to say:
ad 1. Law is not always enforceable.
ad 2. In case there is superiority in numbers, laws of sociality apply.
ad 3. We all are parents, so: Adolescents are allowed to have a fling (note that it’s not in quotation marks).
The village policemen couldn’t do anything else. The shots showing the CzechTek arrival wouldn’t be probably showed in the Police in Action but policemen should be trained watching this. I hope nothing has gone wrong in our Police and such situations are still part of the training.
Regarding psychiatric evaluation there are drugs taken in CzechTek but it’s an amazing relaxation. And hunting ball is the same in the same point of view - celebrating killing of animals (don’t tell me each of them is not proud of that) a great bourgeoisie relaxation at the hunting. ;o)


Our Hockey Player Mononoke!

Watching the last Winter Olympics, I couldn’t miss the female hockey team of Nothern and Southern Korea. I haven’t seen them playing but I appreciate them just for the start.
A decision like: "I’m gonna be a hockey player!" made by a woman is similar to a decision of becoming a mother. Women do carry the fate of motherhood and shouldn’t take it light. In case of the father, it can be tolerated, occassional absence or skipped ritual doesn’t affect the family so much, but the mother, that’s something else.
Princess Mononoke is an old Japanese fairytale or legend from the ancient times of animal Gods and the Spirit of the Forest. When I was dismissed from my last job because I got mad I felt like at the end of the fairytale, standing in front the buidling with my favorite colleague watching him saying: "You stay in the forest and I will be in the city!"
... and from the forest (i.e. from the madhouse) I keep shouting the old utraquist-skinhead lyrics by Orlík: What makes you cows join the army and exchange a man for the parade-ground...


My life - the Brothel of Unions!

Even though it seems strange in the comfort of well-being I was forced to by a simple feeling of righteousness or justice, if you will. Let’s have a look at the complicated thing why the Czech Police can experiment on me:
ad 1. Law is not always enforceable.
ad 2. The Unions have agreement about people (including human trafficking) and that’s what they require from the president.
ad 3. There are actually only a few control authorities that are really independent of the Unions such as Amnesty International, and their word doesn’t count much, and the Czech Police does, by the way, depend on the Unions in the sense of police procedures.
In the future, studied by me, because everything comes and goes in circles and everything has already been here, the best employees of the company get a share and through that they have a part of their responsibility for the company in general assemblies (where the financial statements are "shown", by the way). …the Unions lose their ground with that.
Centralized decision in such things is a bit betrayal of the nation. A reason like: In order for the president to have a partner for the discussion is quite obsolete and outdated in the internet age.
... and that’s why I’m asking: When will we finally get rid of the Unions and start the real right-wing politics the left-wing West is waiting for!
The agent of the Imperial Star Unit Po-de-j-Si-Ho and his messages from the future!


News Life!

Now, in the media world, the value of human life has moved somehow. The more compassion with the corpses on TV we have, the more anger and confusion we spread in our own family.
It wouldn’t have to be this way if there weren’t the "democratic processes" initiated by the bourgeoisie that aim to usurp the leniency over dead thus the fact people die. The value of the human life is one human life not just that News Life!
We all should be aware of this truth, if we don’t we are exposed to the News Idea too much and we are dangerous. On the other hand, it’s true that a lot has to be enforced, but that’s what petition is for, right?
... so when someone will try to be visible on ČT24, threaten them with death because then they will be followed by the mob. ;o)


Parliament, Google It!

The Parliament that was a shield of the bourgeoisie against feudal lords, today - in the time of beautiful efective optical networks - a throwback.
The world has been going to a crisis that cannot be stopped so the frequent argument "I’m too busy" won’t be so frequent in the future. The time gained through the crisis could be given to the ruling over our republic.
For those who will go to work and won’t have the 3 hours a day for ruling elected representatives will be ready just like today and the wives at home (because the amount of the minimum wage will allow us to have that) won’t be able to get mad and attact Germany as a revenge to the WW2 ;o), because the clever and elected politologists (being real experts) will prevent them to do so and second, we will have a joint army (there won’t be enough money).
The question whether I’m not spoilng something writing about it is arising but I think that time is slowly heading towards that, and one can only do a little.


Captain Moučka - Give up!

Captain Moučka has been living with us for a long time. If you’ve ever felt sorry for some junkie then captain Moučka literally hates you because he want the so called fight of the clean algae which means fight with the sea.
That’s why since the dawn of time white people can work with drugs, the hard ones or the basic ones and also the dangerous ones (among other things also marijuana - close relation to the inner principle of electroshock).
That’s why in the future I have studied from secret historical documents, because everything has been here before and everything in history repeats (why doing something important in a different way (if you are bored BUY A RACCOON)), only smart drugs will be allowed (stuff chosen by the doctor that work similarly like THC (the most important ingredient in marijuana) and later on !exactly! they will stop "giving") because the Police actually supports today’s drugs (they are still necessary).
But I solemnly announce that this time is over and you captain Moučka must give up today already because a social can not change from one day to another. So the classical ultimate of the S.W.O.R.D. team - if you don’t give up, captain Captain Moučka, you are a dead man! Long live Vexille 2077!


Peace & Victory!

Peace & Victory!


Polista Assista!

Cold war helped to enforce many bad precedents - one of them is the supreme power of the president. Or seen from the other side - presidents playing Caesars.
If you are asking about what's the headline meant to say, I think it’s Spanish. I know this word connection from the song 19 rebelions by Asian Dub Foundation, the album Enemy of the Enemy and the simple truth is expressed there that Police assists in the better case to the president - if not to the bourgeoisie.
Let’s remind ourselves of the Constitution of the Czech Republic: the President is the supreme commander of all troops. No word about the Police. From the legal point of view, Police is supposed to be independent on th politics and only get money. That’s what student are taught in the law school as well. But the reality is different - blackness reigns the darkness! (or over me ;o) )


Buy me - or 1/Whore!

I like playing the free game World of Tanks on the computer. It’s a beautiful game enabling you to play war without really experiencing it. Nevertheless - where did a free game occur or what do we call it that name. Looking back in history:
I’ll get to the porn. In my opinion, it should be free - some time in the past the world got obviously mad: starting with the communism and ending with Playboy (both shows how everything can be bought. I don’t know what’s the purpose of this industry but it’s really dangerous. I think that the sin (including love;o) ) should be free, it doesn't attract so much and it’s not official. Just a little bit of direction to the "dying".
... and if you are asking me who do I suspect of the complot and who has the gains from the free games (time break), (on one hand postcommunism someone wanted to buy the whole world with and on the other hand Playboy starting mainstream payments for naked pictures) so it’s the one who should be moved to Afrika after reading the American bestseller Roots and, last but not least - fuck off to HIP-HOP. Sheldon’s gift ! ;o)


Trip to Taiwan or ODS Has A Narrow Escape!

What was ODS up to again?! Our easy-to-bribe (crooked) ones who represented the bourgeoisie- communist underground in the past was harvested by their own karma and they are extending their grave to our state making it pretty deep because the trip to Taiwan can cost the prime minister precious points in the policy or our economy.
All the other countries try to hold the policy of one China and do business - i.e. help their economy. Only our four-percent must have some performance there.
I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a clear intention in our trip to Taiwan to decrease our odbyt in China thus damaging the governing parties. I keep getting this idea the whole time it’s been discussed on the TV and today, watching Partie on Prima TV I had a moment of enlightment. Fortunately, they are on the verge of the end because they’ve never done anything excellent and the only thing they’ll have to get (and luckily, we've already realized), is: There’s something between heaven and earth - neither God nor ODS ;o)


Godliness or Raped Jehovah of the Catechist in Us!

"What has grown on my nipple? ... another cock - the doctor really goes too far, first COVID-19, now cocks on the nipples!" and I woke up.
Haven’t you had similar dreams in the last 50 years? What other devices or organs (God forbid animal ones) will be inserted into my body in the desire to beat death and keep me in this hell at least one day longer (you can do your tests on me sirs, being "hardened with blood" (since COVID-19 solemnly:) Minions, I get disability pension!).
But don’t worry, doctors! No later than in 2077 we will slash you (you too ;o) with the signal and stock exchange and a norm of behaviour in accordance with the Christian belief (not th catechist "Christian" belief, don’t think Rome is just an allegorical car of the priests enprisoned in communism (when catechism didn’t have power)).
Don’t be mad at me, doctors for blaming you, having not enough education in this sphere. It is just the style of the stronger ones - alcoholics, drug addicts and vampires. But trust me that the white woman will control them in due time, THAT’S HER KAN-LI!


Just Do It!

This slogan of a super-famous American-Roman company advertising sports shoes personifies everything ugly in the US. If only you knew Americans. The only thing that keeps them together is the so-called American dream which is the worst Baptistic bunch of nonsense I’ve ever heard (I’m not surprised they have problems with mass murderers because the Schroedinger cat’s complex is quite elevated because of the American dream - in simple words, you can’t live on the same planet with them).
This dull culture is observed by our children in American movies and comics. Just pannels ;o). Maybe the confused management of our planet is a theatre allegory - all bored watchers (because they are sitting doing nothing) and then watch some stage (USA) and clap their hands because their mom and Shakespeare taught them to do so!
... so it happens that after the arrival of the American dream, after a successful evening in a bar with an unknown beauty a man comes home with another man and the doctor can make a check that he bluffed the little brain again - the group Presidents of U.S.A.: She is mix-up - savana bitch!
I know doctor, more and more signatures on the petition to go back to the medieval time in our area but we can take the suffering, children, right? Be aware that the science has its limits (see "star" flights stagnating - ateism and baptism end in their own Pampers ;o) ) and the train keep goingl!



"If there weren’t murderers - there wouldn’t be reptiles," an old saying say and to me it’s an explanation of the lack of protection of our e-systems. It’s not only about the fact they have been programed by high school students as confirmed by the Czech news in the past already, programmers of the assembler, which is machine base and all compilers translate their codes through that, don’t bother with the universtity (they wouldn’t learn much about the code structures at the unversity anyway).
This world counts with illegal activities - that’s why there are still bank notes, e-systems can be hacked to have prescription drugs for the junkies, etc..
When I’m looking at our society I think that the feeling I have had since the first real development of informatics is really right: the true nature of capitalist reality can’t be stolen - illegal activities are getting to me from MS Windows.
I haven’t managed. At work, before I was definitely dismissed, I had emigrated to Sri Lanka and that’s where I do programming: Prophecy: Know that you can’t get to farin C++, C#, Delphi, as the way goes through the assembler. I have 382 software patents on my account and been waiting for other 3. Now it’s about selling it - hire a college student who will implement my hacks with the languages above (in order to have a window in MS Windows).
It will be a beautiful word - without illegal activities, right?!


Movies in Us!

Who of you hasn’t heard the simple phrase: "You’ve been watching TV too much!" Is the critic making a hint of us imitating the TV heroes? The one who claims he’s going to withstand that is lying for sure.
The one who laughs at copying patterns from TV is definitely right - it is funny, but he can be pretty wrong: The procedures of screeplay writers on the film heroes cover in most cases the pure life journey (life of pure karma). So it can happen to you that you are laughing at someone who doesn’t even have television at home.
So when someone will tell you that someone else is "thrown" into a movie, laugh at them - regarding probability, you’ll be probably better off. ;o)


How They’ve Eaten It All, and Havel as Well!

Who has already thought about the succession law of the state in this republic will sure be aware that somewhere (maybe because of the "capitalist class" crowds) our dear STB (who has definitely solved also positive cases and something must have been in the process) exists next to our famours PIS that serves the today’s nomenclature as truly (see Naďová case) as it was with your damn STB (have you ever thought about it that someone called themselves STB and went to "teach" someone?). I was writing about lifting the heating on my back befor the Czech Police - be good servants, sheep, or the current STB will get you (now it’s officially separated).
If you ask the experienced one in the sphere of eternal future and past, then I think that 1989 was a military coup (which is deleted in the memory of the nation (see Men in Black)) and let’s take the one of Babiš as a nice mistake in the republic that doesn’t appreciate successor’s right anyway so it’s legally defenseless.
As to Mr Havel, I say that we all have something we cling to - just not meat (or animals) - you know what I’m talking about and next time please stop saying I’m a cannibal. And also, that he and Mr Babiš (us having no personalities - ODA) are the only personalities I really appreciate in the modern politics - the rest is crap showing their asses to the bourgeoisists (owner of a big company doesn’t mean bourgeoisist) for received millions. Thank you for your attention...


Moment of Power!

In the Baptist culture the desire to shorten expressions is well-established (e.g. FYI means For Your Inforformation). In time this shortening has lost its rules - mainly thanks to the invention of the chat - and we had the first MMT i.e. MoMenT.
Everything has its own life and phantasy - so worlds are alive, too. If you’re asking where do the new words like Zonky, Biano and others come from, that’s just from the Baptists allowing words (or linguists? ;o) ) parties thanks to MMT, AFK, etc.
In Bohemia, we say "Word gave word" but that means the new Czech word, not the new company name that tears the ears of AnnaCat in the series American Housewives. So I order Let’s go the battle - just like in the song of the communist: So comrades, come rally (Exodus) and last fight let us face, The Internationale (underground) unites the human race - our tomorrow!


Bonmots of the Theory of Theories!

The Theory of Theories is something that hasn’t been taught - that must be born - so I was born: "Why am I called Antichrist?" that was my first thought, "This is like chasing a fox!"
So at least a few bonmots of the Theory of Theories so that you know why am I laughing at you:
ad 1. The Intelligence of people is endless.
ad 2. The woman is so close to the man like the man to the wine.
ad 3. Viciousness pays off with money.
ad 4. A monch doesn’t know burdens.
ad 5. The cat goes through the black hole, the dog through the plastic window.
ad 6. Lower blanket is upper blanket.
ad 7. Ass and brain do not come in pairs (mold ;o) ).
That’s just my introduction in short. Who understands, can go with me. Be aware that the Old Testament is Something but the story of Christ - that’s just what they get you with. Thank you for your attention...


At the End of the Rock-and-roll We Got the System Of A Down!

There’s probably nobody who would believe in the sanctity of the 25A musicians switch Since the times of Beatles when rock-and-roll was promoted by the western secret service agents many things have changed and who doesn’t have their DJ, doesn’t exist. Don’t get offended, but I’m talking about the majority. If we are supposed to behave towards them, the current rock-and-rollists, the way they want us to in their music, then we have to throw them out of the house and release the dogs to chase them.
... The Power Ring might be rock-and-roll which would mean that according to the prophecy you as Frodo are trying to destroy the music in you - which would finally explain why everything since J.R.T. is so strange.
If rock-and-roll wasn’t against the computer (…and all the whores, thores etc. ;o) ). Thank you for your attention...


Monty Python's Ping Problem!

I hint in the title to the popular funny English creative group Monty Python, being famous worldwide with their modern grotesques Monthy Python’s Flying Circus. Their less-know work is a film and it’s nothing smaller than the Meaning of Life.
We are being taken through various pitfalls of the meanings of life and their paradoxes. I’d like to stop at the chapter Nativity from the movie: We can see the delivery room full in operation with witty figures just like we are used to with Monty Pythons and then we see the hospital director coming, saying: „... and this device is leased from a company we own..." and we hear a ping sound from the device in question.
If this is not a con then I don’t know what is - cops get me for things that cannot be counted anymore and the bourgeoisists dance with Finances. The new civil code could help, but none of the "old structures" both in the west and in the east is not keen about that. Bourgeoists should be careful not to be shot... ;o)


Golden Parachute: Nagano!

„... rewrite the history!" everything who was watching the hockey that year heard that and "their" gold has shimmered on the lion’s skin in our state emblem since that time. How deserved or really earned in fight is that gold?
I’ve heard about a poor man who really didn’t have the national culture pride and asked if the opponents couldn’t let them win, and then he broke down in cry.
Let’s look at if this theory was true, what would it help with. Regarding directing out of protectionalism, then definitely this bribe they didn’t want for free succeeded! We have to catch the direction of the west that has developed since the velvet revolution as well -and that’s just one step away from bourgeoisy to democracy.


Column Written on the Noose!

I feel rather like a feudal but if I can comment on your extermination of my forgotten friends i.e. communists, the non-famous and hardworking ones, without court, and how have you remained ….and without confidence!
I’ve heard about a poor man who really didn’t have the national culture pride and asked if the opponents couldn’t let them win, and then he broke down in cry.
Let’s look at if this theory was true, what would it help with. Regarding directing out of protectionalism, then definitely this bribe they didn’t want for free succeeded! We have to catch the direction of the west that has developed since the velvet revolution as well -and that’s just one step away from bourgeoisy to democracy.


You Don’t Want BOOZE, Beer Nation?! (CZ)

The other day I was wandering through the internet (since the time of the China’s parting) and I found my own website: It’s a website of the torrent seed organization AT.SOS (SOSAT means BOOZE in Czech) claiming among many other meanings of its name mainly this: We make order in this Eintopf!
The situation is literally horrible, instead of having the film makers call us to fight in this time of their receding confidence the seeders are blamed with. What can you say about it: the revenue is sinking and the confidence of fat film producers who rather pay easy-to-hire Russian hackers to block our trackers instead of inviting us to their business.
It used to be quite fine but now it’s just crap with vinegar. See. Real Price #23: If the entire academy decides the way it did in 2017 when awarding the Czech Lions to the film Masaryk, then I’m not surprised that us, collectors, have such horrible things happen. What to say about it? Probably just: Bon apetit with the small actor’s (naked ;o) ) lunches.


People in Field’s Grey!

Yes, I’m talking about the thieves of children who are so frequently seen among all officers and in the charity. There are many of them anyway - imagine that they with their poor understanding of psychiatry try to blab smart speeches in madhouses - of course, when a psychiatrist is absent. ;o)
The situation is literally horrible, secretly agreed with the "members of the crew" (and they are also all "democrats" ;o) ), they are squeezed in poor families to rob them of their children.
Honestly, why the social insurance? The woman and the buffalo are not afraid of anything, are they?! So why do you need a scaremonger - the one you see in the mirror is enough! Thank you for your attention...


Do You Have Fun With Social Media or Does Social Media Have Fun with Themselves?!

Charlie Chaplin was at the beginning of everything - he and his "seating", let alone his run around the corner. We fight for justice in crime stories and western movies, strengthen the science in SCI-FI - just suck impressions.
Thanks to our new social media the fame got closer to us and is more within reach. Now everyone who has at least some intelligence, creates and the censor is far away.
So it happened that the addiction to funny internet bromides let arise such a monster like Facebook where people watch Asian people eating octopus with sticks and doing well (at least I hope I understood the meaning of that video ;o) ). Everyone seems to be doing well recently - people style themselves with the internet instructions and social media started to live for themselves.


The Ex-President Is Out - He Didn’t Have A Face Mask!

According to the information of ISTRES server, the ex-president Václav Klaus was caught not wearing a face mask in the centre of Prague. He will be abdicated similar to Mr Prymula or will we incline to the opinion that ODS gets naturally benefited and forgive Mr Klaus he walked without the face mask to buy butter and bread.
Let’s hope the COVID-19 time will be over soon or our managers who want to keep as many sheep alive as possible order circus cages for the way to work.
One day we might experience equal positions in the hosptal as suggested by Real Price concepts #7 and #11, so that we can recite while brushing our teeth: The way from the face mask is familiar, more familiar than all other ones!


Assessment of the Civilization Regarding Accessibility of Czech Characters on An Amazon Shipment!

The other day I ordered a few CDs on Amazon, exceptionally and a company of this size like Amazon doesn’t have Czech characters, something a 5-years old Sheldon Cooper would be able to code. If it’s a boycott of Zeman I’d like to join that and I’m sorry. But:
I don’t know if it’s not because they don’t follow what I suggest, even though I am the King of the Sun - ok, I’m not and the magic of the Fake-King-Institute has long been gone and there’s nothing to play for (Do you understand the counterpoint in the two names? ;o) ). My friends and neighbors have taken it over and the White Magician became balrug who if he didn’t have a rope in his wand he doesn’t know about he couldn’t get it back, in the deep Moria and he wouldn’t give Gandalf the sword "to have something to defend with" and "lend him my clothes" ;o).
The question how to make people be dilligent is something the God has been thinking since the old times (i.e. continuously ;o) ), and it's getting worse - so as Smashing Pumpkings would say: Decent 0!


Instance to Goverment for Let me from Home Prison.

My Goverment, I instancing you to let house, in which is my room for working science (so Fakulty of Aplien Sicences(ts)), to we can let dream of all science - so Big Bang Theory in timing reel of the Earth. I instancing it cleary and brown-in. Only once for which I ordering you, Goverment, is, that you defending it - so boys. ;o)


Another Syndrom Has Come into Existence!

I was talking to the voices again the other day and I caught myself having a stressed ending at the end of a sentence just like Mr Babiš. I was thinking what could that be caused with and there was only one explanation that came to my mind:
long time ago when we would play with computers in our free educational time we also had a Mensa IQ testing program and I had the maximum result on that - i.e. IQ 130. Nowadays the scale has changed but it doesn’t matter.
Many times during that 13 years I spoke with the voices complaining how paradoxical it was that an IQ 130 had to deal with an IQ 80 for 13 years. In time I became somehow melancholic seeing no way out. I for myself call this state of being Babiš syndrome. ;o)


Templar’s Vatican vs. Chamber of Doctors!

In the previous columns I mentioned not only the detrimental attempts of the doctor to implant themselves whatever, even a screw, in order to be earlier at work but also the always occuring quite karmic problem: the gender surgery.
Hormonal contraception being fundamental part of the gender surgery is meant to manage the position of the Moon regarding the trouble, in other words White Magic (PF'20). Doctors’ reveling and raving let alone molecular engineering is quite impertinent.
I think that the current Vatican affairs will lead the pope Francis to reprobate the so-called mixed-up society as such - I mean immigrants as well - we are not America (we, Bohemia, are the Land of Mind and Skills - not possibilities).
So, dear doctors of cat’s paw ;o), I wish you nice chastity belts on your inventions that make this hell only worse - THAT’S THE MANATA LAW!


Obituary of The Confidence of The White Man ( in The Rose Sign ;o) ) or in Other Words, How They Wanted to Be Over-dense!

In prehistoric times the Russians took the mother of the Czech King for a "loving research" but already that time it didn’t look very promising for them. Since then (just a while after that the Cold War ended) everything collapses for the white man (see the use of antidepressants is at aproximately 1000% compared the end of the Cold War). We fight quite decently and Einstein thrives unlike the confidence of the white man.
In the never-ending desire to solve the world’s problems all the strategists fall one after another. When that wasn’t enough they started kidnapping the King and Queen (Sheldon Cooper's Fun With Flags) but regarding the fact both the King and the Qeen have a whore's agreemeent this world of the white man has lost (of course due to the mafia insolvency) all the properties ever owned. Poor man, isn’t he?


For Rage Against the Machine foR

How else to describe a transition than saying that you are losing something and, of course, (regarding the Law of Conservation of Energy) gaining something else, but in my column I would like to pay attention to the state of change that certainly takes "some moment" and it should be "treated" otherwise there are going to be casulties whether you take it as to individuals or anthropologically.
... once I went over to Srí Lanca with Manata (in other words, I was taken there with a time shaft (end of eternity) according to the time equation in 2077. Apart from watching the signal on the entire planet being switched off, we were looking at the nothern lights because all this went through my head when I recently saw a picture of the phenomenon in Windows 10.
I think that the transition is somehow related with my previous columns - for instance the end of flying (but first 2077) and we have to be aware of the fact it will be painful - just like every transition. Because we are going to lose the "feeling of the ride", because the brain is an antenna and it is "isolated" by a signal so we can fly pretty fast using planes. - When the signal is switched off we will get a feeling from trees, for instance, a much better sense of communication etc.
As I entered, so I left and all I’m supposed to do is to tell you this - so on - I can drink a toast on that because it was sent to me...


The Eighth Continent - Where did I Hear That?

... in the future! My response to the argument that this option is just too expensive (at least it looks that way) is: Well, it’s just the boxes what's missing. And even if it was a more expensive option, what counts is that if it’s under 150% estimated costs and it’s balanced out with a vision just like this Cobra flower being balanced out, then it’s worth it and it’s supposed to be worth it...
... because the clean sea is something our parents owe us and we have to pay it with our taxes and charities. It’s not much - it might be worth putting money together for a clean sea globally - multinationally - through OSN. ... but I’ll leave it up to you...
End of the commercial on the Radio 1!


U.F.C. - Where Was It When I Came Across an Idiot Last Time?

... or in other words the Unidentifiable flying Christ or the so-called Free Christ.
I being an Anti-Christ have been fascinated by the faith in Christianity as something to cling to - to me it’s encouraging and annoying as well. The thing I see unhealthy in myself is the speed of judgement i.e. too early judgement. What am I writing about: the New Testament - in my opinion, as an Anti-Christ, a way how to enslave you (just the New Testament, not the Bible as such).
In my opinion, the Christs should shut up and be glad they can go to work, after all what else can they do when they haven’t developed. I just think the phrase U.F.C. or Free Christ should be an announcement in the police radio, nothing more, nothing less!


Relations and Reversification!

Within the retrospection I was asked by my girlfriend to reversify our relationship. That’s such a problem, dear friends, especially in this shitful but unfortunately very plentiful civilzation.
They have copied my original memory in Russia and it is, after all, beyond our powers to kick all Russia (well, in the Manatina’s times, that would be a ride, Putin), USA keeps attacking me with non-stop voices and their schizofrenic half-magical mantras usually designed for the fight with the Dark side of Kan-Li, in addition, ANNO doesn’t know what’s going on and we are supposed to drown in that as it seems.
Luckily there is a so-called miracle in this round (sure enough, not just like in Russia or the USA ;o) ), because otherwise I really don’t know. Even now when I started editing this column the voices came up and suggested I should rather stop - what a demokracy. ;o)


A Fight by Stanislavskij!

If you think you can let the e-mails rust in your mailbox in Czech Republic, you will be - same as I - shocked by the schizofrenic ideas of the Czech computer „militia“ (when creating a cz domain you have to agree with an alternative legal solution (probably on your head ;o) - I’m a skinhead after all)), so you are wrong - 30 years after The Velvet Revolution and because the young ones have nothing to fight against, they learn communist manners from the elder ones. In fact, it is even worse now than in the communist times.
Well, you just can’t change the seed - you would need a tractor to pull Czech people to !real! freedom. The originally communist subculture - nowadays the new bourgeoisie that was previously hidden intertwines through all industries in an unhealthy connection. Just one example for all:
Walking on the American street in Pilsen one day my frames of mind came upon me again and I started shouting that Pilsen people are fucking bastards. Two „conductors“ got in and took my Sri Lanka whistle our of my pocket and started to throw it to each other - I caught it after a while - but was immediately smacked, however, I backed up - returned it and hit the target - and to my surprise, Police turned up (anarchy under the face mask - you know what I’m talking about - don’t breathe) and when I was pushed into the car and I objected that they stole my whistle and attacked me - the response of these dumbasses was that whistle is a weapon. I didn’t say a thing - I let them have their guns, because they said that weapon can be stolen (but don’t worry, Lotto jackpot is !rising! - Just saying! ;o) ).


Germanies not Stolen Gold Card of Valas!

Ones upon the time in past i wasn't triped through Germanies Country. Like is not my plesir I doesn't roll & smoke a joint on the Germanies street. They are really not nice. They don't stollen me to Germnaies hell. Allsaw doesn't stolen (by their words) lots of money from bank account, what was a together agents' account - Gold Card of Valas. They really clever! ;o) P.S. What will we do with the drunken sailors!


Bony and Quit!

Using the word Quit I just parody the word Quiet (the words Quit and Klid sound similar in Czech) and mainly the famous Czech movie Bony a klid. Bony, for the ones born in old times, were vouchers one could pay with in Tuzex shops selling western goods (even cars), so, in fact, replacement of western currencies.
All my acquaintances who "were worth it" have gone abroad long time ago. I have emigrated to Srí Lanka two times (why two times, that’s something only the secret service knows - and believe me, the Tamils will achieve what they want under my leadership - imagine that their home is not Srí Lanka but the ) and only God knows who is winning.
Well, the situation in the Czech Republic is really tragic, we are the people who have never become devotees of the Czech "Nazism" and found on our trips that the Czech petty bourgeoisie is something they can’t accept and that’s why we haven’t returned back home. It is not only the underground as it could seem but even two of my school mates and one fellow passenger on the trip to Iceland. There are just many of such people and it can only be described with these words: "Where are we supposed to live when you have secretly ousted the motor of the society and the rest are just zombies!" (except Mr Babiš and my mother and sister, of course)


Jan Nevečeřal, You (S)keta!

I’m not sure if it is just him (if not I’m sincerely sorry, Nevik) but I think I’m not wrong. What is it all about: A touch mobile phone which is something like a unique thing - it is much less dangerous for a woman than a mobile with push buttons ... and what’s going on in Google, Nevik is probably laughing at us! ;o) The voices have told me that when inserting back code, the account password used in an app that was uninstalled can be retrieved. It is not such a big problem on push button phones compared to the touch phones because our Princess Goldilocks - the One was looking after them. With Google there comes something new for our BSS engineers and other people from the mobile industry - a problem: How to fuck the One when she prefers keeping her privacy staying at home or at work. ;o)
The thing is that Nevik - the previous boss of the false king aka BSS engineer is very powerful now even though he has a carma stain - the right wing man giving me lectures about me being a parasite due to my disability pension who’s been working for the Chinese at Huawei (now it is about his bread roll ;o) ). If you ask me, the repeated fucking of the One, the scornful fabrications „in order to repeat the original chaos again“ drives me and the One mad because the Telecom men would need a firearms pass for their cocks.


Victim of the Spiral!

When I was young and attended high school, we would have lectures about drugs - a certain Mr Douda was presenting there assuring us that marijuana was not such a big problem. I don’t think so - marijuana is not the strongest drug but definitely the highest one. There is a close relation to the electric shocks and that’s what it is good for. It contains about 70 substances that do not occur anywhere else in nature - cannabioids (e.g. THC - tetra hydro cannabioid the effects of which on the brain are proven).
Why was it just that Douda - that’s the question of my life because I believed what he said and became a stoner (a smoker of marijuana). I found out from people that „pure“ „alcoholics“ do drain us, drugees, socially - for their „tea parties“ and the bartenders, the worst whores in the world by far, support that (even though they sometimes smoke weed with us, too ;o) )!
Well, drugs are here to make the skidding line of alcoholics well greased! Discrimination is literally so hard that we can be glad they sell us alcohol at least. That’s why I say thanks, Mr Douda - not for beeing a pothead now (thanks to my intelligence I had a good job so I have an above-the-standard disability pension now) but for you applying everything so well and enabling us to know so much about the world: Once again, thanks! ;oQ


The Pit and the Pendulum!

Nowadays, in the divorcing time, I, being a single person have decided to take human sexual relationships to the next level. It just starts easy: with a bouquet (either of marijuana when both of the people are rough) or a proper one with roses (when one of the people is an unsincere romantic) - what will happen in twenty years is not told by the bouquet. It is only told what the barmaids have to experience at work, participants of human trafficking and last but not least, American women tied up in mad houses (because in our country, it is not allowed - how do the psychopaths in Europe want to enforce it via the transsexuals)!
Why do we not define the term Human Trafficking in our subconscious mind? It is something boys agree on with their dads in kindergarten already - where will the world with a woman as a property continue. Until the velvet revolution the development in our country belonging to the East was quite calm (it didn’t have a complete support like the West) but now really strange things starting to happen, it even seems like the worst motherfuckers are just here in the East (ready with a back note) ;o) ).
Estimate of a man for woman rape is just endless and we are terribly clever and keep ourselves in something that is controlled by the so-called Telecom from O2 (Telleke from Tölleke). From my paranoid messages I’ve found out that it was necessary but there is a crisis at the same time: without communism the entire system in East Europe starts to be a little bit dangerous for both genders. Finally, that what we were postponing for such a long time shows off and the trap is closing up - not on us!
So as we from the mad house say - BE NICE TO YOUR DEAR OTHER HALVES AND ALLOW BEING CONTROLLED WELL! Good luck, lots of fodder and bread from the Loner!


D: Give me Your 666 - I Will Show You What Kind of Person You Are!

Recently I, being a skinhead produced by the Czech police, have talked to someone from the underground and there was a voice appearing in the thematic interview saying how they have been studying us. That’s an idea me and my friend got, to study the society from the underground's point of view:
What about imagining that once a week, on Saturday or on Wednesday I get cocaine and never on any other day. My buddy said it woud make him a beast writing poems about cocaine on the last two days - our life is has been about contentment for a long time and you thickheaded carma-affected (as my previous friend says - his carma is hanging on the wall) can enter it only through the police - that’s something we are sure about (we may die out but we had our joy - there are as many people as shit!).
Conclusion: So I think it is dictated by the family in the ten commandments (7) and it makes us a beast (666).
Let’s take the current time as a transformation (ADF: New way - New life) and most of all (2x) don’t take it like written in italics, like instructions, otherwise Kalousek (our powered by Arnold) tears me into pieces in the gutters: Take drugs easy - don't drink so much!!! ;o)


In the Name of the Republic: How They Deprived the Bear of the Full Moon!

To the beginning of my letter addressed to the current psychiatry of the Dark Side of Kan-Li I would like to stress out that they really do try - even too much. Thanks to the supply of medication I presumably need according to their opinion - even though according to my education my diagnose is defined as hypernormality (Kan-Li DUD Valas) and I would rather attack a policeman while defending a woman than a mother - right, Kugler?.
Everyone who is a little bit of an animal feels the full moon and is preparing the best sexual orgies for themselves. The one who hasn’t withdrawn themselves from the life subject (see (already) dark psychiatrist) and can see only the indicator of the signal or their head (Your schizofrenia ;o) ) in the mobile, feels that the mother in the madhouse is withering away.
Conclusion: In the time of my first visit in the madhouse I was literally flying away on the medication administered to me - allegedly because of the marijuana content in my body- ther has never been another full moon or sexual orgies nor anything nice. My hypernormality is shown by diagnosing the passing psychiatrists (when you know the theory (at least as good as our dark ones) - you are a fool) and I am bored and bored and bored and bored and bored.
After ascertaining my moderate melancholy the dark ones decided to cut a piece of the cake of sin and treat me with a decent dose of antidepressants based on a wish of a unnamed man who makes a living creating copies of doctors’ stamps (they might not know it - they might be the dark ones) and when you look at the effects on the society the antidepressants are the most dangerous psychotic drugs which from a professional point of view, is shit with vinegar!!! Bye


You Don’t Understand a Joke - You Don’t Lose a Dick in Figth!

Me being an anti-Christ - so asexual - so I am not defined by Freud. It is part of my professor’s work in the area of Psychiatric instincts in the head of depression - of course, the board of doctors chasing from their mothers so that they don’t escape to death, praying to Freud, hasn’t accepted that. But never mind - development will persuade them.
A while ago I was just watching the Griffins and the dad Griffin went to Love Parade on an allegorical car and was written down: Surprising reveleation! I told to myself, well the society has grown up - and I submitted my work to the Faculty of Medicine. What’s the point: Homosexuality is innate and it’s all about just how "elevated" it is by you or some opposite sex. "Partnership" shouldn’t be registered, it should be treated - despite Freud - the subvertor of our families.
Conlusion: The old Griffin is only confused by Freud - by the entire fight for the connection of psychiatry - i.e. introduction of the western torturing manneurism supporting psychiatric usage and surpressing the natural fight of a insanes against the society that actually needs it!



I hope I won’t offend any psychiatrist or psychologis with this tale talk. It claims that 33% of male caucasians are transsexuals so why all those operations? The doctor wants to claim through the sex operations that there should be a vast majority of women... Then we would also end up claiming that women should be separated from men and breed them automatically! ;o)
What is it all about: there are two hemispheres in the brain - female (controlling) and male (intuitive). If the male hemisphere i.e. the intuitive one is activated somehow through the male sex, the fetus dies in the womb and the mother has to save him. If the female hemisphere is chosen after the phenomenal choice, it continues living, even though some female cretenism can be measured on it, but it is actually cheaper.
Conclusion: In our old country that survived not just one Roman emperor there are many tale talks so don’t believe anyone, it’s still not feasible! ;o)



Once upon a time, out of nowhere, here, in NATO, two archangels landed on earth - Gabriel and Methatron. And as they were standing here - uncomfortable - there was nothing here - they were in a white space. The only possibility that was here was music - so the archangels took out their trackers and after a few weeks of some effort they produced the album Daft Punk - Alive'07!
... and there was enough light (other understanding) - we kept goting one concert after another (from the Indian universes - we racists ;o) ) - such a clean and clean once again druggie fun with work. We in Europe are all such musicians, aren’t we? ;o)
Everything on our planet is already created so Daft Punk broke up this year and they might have returned to their home planet in the sphere of Contentment!


Don’t Let U.S. Be Like the U.S.A. Otherwise the Security Will Betray U.S. (CZech Rep.)!

... the president Zeman... was born. He was a big cadre in the then prognostic instituted and the Communist Party of Czechoslowakia. That’s why already then he got the idea, just to have it all organized, to ensure to be the first (problem of the relativity of the penis length). Even the sparrows on the roof were chirping about the putch, thanks to a backwards-note in certain circles, in spite of all complaints ;o) and the only thing he was thinking about was how to secure the favour of the new-age security. He decided to lead a double life - certain circles agreed that since certain time everything in the records would be double - for themself and for the future.
Now as a hero of the past - someone who had all reasons to smile having power without being in the Communist Party - he is after us and is protected, and that is the catch, people convinced about a loss Czechia suffered in August 1968 (every August - we have an August ;o) ). A loyal state, as Zeman says, can’t grow just so - you have to create it yourself!
All I’m saying regarding the current situation in the Czech Republic is that this is what it looked like in Hitler’s Germany before World War II - good job we are not that big! ;o)


So that minorities don’t become majority!

Recently I read the revue Kontexty (Contexts) and there was an article there about the politologist Sartori. He is a defender of the indirect democracy claiming that the human kind can’t rule over themselves (and someone "else" ensuring incomplete education for you, little Christs) on their own (which is also contained in my Real-Price.INFO ), which is evident due to the content of the Beast 666 in the body of the company (theology reason). Further more, he claims that majorities should obey minorities. As to the matter of races, it is not that bad, the RAP will be unlearned by both parties one day but regarding support of gays I think that homosexuality is a latently natural thing for each one of us, we actually find it a bit fishy, so to say.
I had an idea recently that in that opinion Sartori actually surpasses himself because in that kind of democracy it is easy to get to the point when everyone finds it fishy non-latently or we all start RAPping!



Do you remember the heartbreaking enactment about burning the StB records? It’s like Musica Isabella in the ears of the inner enemy, isn’t it?
The only thing I can tell you now is tht I am from STB - State Secret Safety - not from the State Safety (StB) and this trick was constructed for you and for the West, me - cadres, not only to have fun but most of all to be able to manage our state tossed in the waves of Perestroika (communist reformation in '80) according to the prepositions of decency and the Empire (only the department leader is always familiar with the cooperation with the Empire (and that probably only in the East) - so I - the Sabotage division)).

A memorial of the Velvet Revolution has been built in Pilsen-Čechurov under name: V for Vendetta! (MiniPUNK is above hole Czech Republic!)

Rudé Krávo (the pirate list of StB collaborators) was instigated and that time people signed, for a change, that they would collaborate on colorful stupidity (to the T)! We created the so called Bear’s Strategy Trap in our republic and we just watch - so far there have not been bigger arrests - apart from the last night - BIS really tries hard (towards with France and one step further ;o) ).
What to say in the end - probably only that not every chief of a STB departmnt can afford this, even if it’s called Sabotage but I’m such a globetrotter, member of CIA and CID, the Japanese secret service and the German secret service. Well, we’ve been busy here. ;o)


New proposal for the Japanese KFC: Instead of Twist - Helsinki Syndrome!

Ups, makeing of this photo I made propably colaps of Germany tenis-playerin Andrea Petkovic! Investigate it, please!

To say about something that appears to be true that it's a syndrome, even though I admit the desire of this civilization to heal itself within the belief in electromagnetic signal, is wrong, to say the least, whether the problem was explained with a gun at someone’s head or with a vision of losing their job!
Let’s start with a quote of Martin Kreag: The only thing that differentiates the truth from the lie, if there is some, is wine and schizophrenia! That means that anything that make me feel BRDUB, I just don’t do - that’s for the others to do (let’s call them Bugs, to start with). These Bugs are usually very social - they don’t compromise, don’t compromise, don’t compromise!
I think that the definition of the Helsinki Syndrome could be something like this: The one who has often been bitten by Bugs is an easy target for the "main MekkaMistr"! ... In order to explain the term "the main MekkaMistr", I have to get back to the history of art, when the artist - painter wanted to make the model he had infront of him totally numb, to mortify it - THAT’S HOW IT WORKS!
What to say in conclusion to this bloody artist sport - probably just the fact that it is the innocent who suffer, both from the Helsinki Syndrome and from another sport! ;o)
In the celebration of the expenses of the Summer Olympic Games in Tokio 2020 the most sentences end with an exclamation mark! ;o)


U.S.A. is the biggest ...!

Hunt without afraiding!

What?! Garbage: Not your kind of people!


Pyrrhic victory of the West that’s truly annoying!

My mom used to say to me: "Stop crying or I’ll slap you more!" That’s how the entire reasonable East acts toward the "winning" West.
All I can say regarding that is this: We have won the fight with ourselves and still can cope with you! Your has been taken into account only by a few - all the mighty ones are either subject of a restitution, compensation or privatization and a trial with the communism that would clarify it all is nowhere to find.
You know, esteemed West, we have lived in that, and to be honest, we have a much bigger mess in our Republic now than we used to have at the communist times (we just don’t know "if it’s upon us" - that our state).
... but thank you - at least we have seen the colorful cloths up close! ;o(


Hold on, Pionyer!

Hold on, Pionyer! Deceit of the Chinese Maoism in the 21 century is really unbelievable! The Cuban Chege is probably the only one who holds the battle flag with the imbeciles straight!
Just have a look at our political representation - if there wasn’t the collaborator with the StB, the State Security, one could say that we are governed by fucking impotents (I know something about it, I’ve been forced by the nomenclature to take the impotency-producting psychia. pills)!
However, the Cuban money are not enough to win the fight for justice. That’s why I sent myself a backwards note as a False King and I decided to use my power position to "get" the cocain business (you had the opportunity to see the American part of the action in one of the Czech televisions). It is decent money and how they say: Not to say, I keep supporting the Tamil Tigers, Libya, Iraq, fight against apartheid in the South African Republic - well the parties have to be well-balanced and that’s my excuse!
So thank you once again, China, for being so flexible "friend" - at least we got to know you - and shove your needles up your you know what!!!!


Western (from the China) terrorist governments!

This Insignes is once more find out like new Insignes of Czech Army. ;o) It is according flag of Football (socker) Club Slavia (Prague CZ), which understand I like fontal Czech flag. It is founded on slovan flag, which steel a Poland, and Red star (or penthagram!) - Manata's fight!

Because of I was accused by the association of A Few Voices of being a supporter of terrorism. All I can say about that is this:
When the official government professes disinformation, demagoguery and terrorism (see the security action in Afghanistan), I can only use their guns agains Them - allsaw dissent Truth. Authors note: If someone accuses me of new dissent, I’m going to shoot out!
It’s just not easy with the human beasts (all white people are from the Satan-theology view 666) and that’s why I, the white NEGR, proclaimed myself to show you the right way. For adults it is too late but for children there is still time and the real Satan upbringing can still save something - just not to be scared and take a new coat (origin. Kabát - rock band in CZ). ;o)
Apart from my I have the so-called business with genetically modified potatoes thanks to which I made 350,000 living submarines from Yours (the ingenious Kan-Li technology called Netera (if you've heard something positive about it for you then rest assured that everything good in this world is here twice)) and I’m going to manage the oceans with them. And if the western terrorist governments decide to sue me, I rather have myself extradicted to Cuba, to Chege! ;o)


Justice under the counter!

This is the logo of a party that they have lost.

Today there were the elections to the Chamber of Deputies. Pirátská strana (the Pirate Party) ran in the elections in a coalition with a smaller party of Starostové a Nezávislí (Mayors and Independents). And what a surprise we got: voters of the Mayors, probably due to fear that no one would let them drink a beer anymore circled out the candidates of the Pirates who are known as supporters of Marijuana. The score was 33 mandates for Mayors and 4 mandates for Pirats.
When taking the part of mathematics called Probability and statistics into consideration and adding my opinion of the Czech people to it which is "If we are not equal enough then we are lazy!", it comes out that someone at the Ministry of Interior plays communist hero and has excluded the Pirate Party for support of drugs from the parliament!
It wouldn’t be the first time when someone in the time after the revolution takes justice into their hands: as if it wasn’t enough that we actually have a police state - the coppers get even in the politics - see the page Oath.
... well, guys, we won’t forget the fact that one can smell marijuana in the parliament now and then and even though I’m a voter of ODA, I’d say fingers crossed and good luck to you while holding a joint in my hand! ;o)


Abrah Islam!

As our awakener Abraham says: "There are never enough face masks!" The parallel is hopefully clear enough - when we had the worst times, we have put them on - when the Metropolitan felt the same, she did the same - because she was incredulously attacked by the Witnesses from My Room in order for the painter to numb the naked woman model and I do witness that against the Witnesses with my Sharp vigilant sleep.
Well, the Zeman supporters will tell you the opposite and assure you that the inhabitants of Mecca are from black hens.
Aversion to immigration (Mecca and Black men) is a little bit schizofrenic in our country (CZ) regarding the Asian people saying Ahoj! who have occupied us at the communist times already with countless people who are unable to learn our language (not due to their lack of will but because of the language difficulties) disregarding the numerous community of gypsies who were probably born as a result of a communist trial (they are really good at fighting, aren’t they?).
The fact you would graciously let the immigrants in would suggest an international way through the nascent and really nascent capitalism. Just don’t be so insecure, they are, after all, not fat or Rambos, so that we would have to be coplexed by them (there are enough of us, Czech people, who are ready to give their lives for that) - you should rather be scared of your vanity. I just sing to myself more and more often: „Smile, you're in handy camera! or global world?!‟ ;o)


Oligarchy-like attitude of universities towards talents!

Just like ing Drábek says (ing means engineer which is, in fact, a technician - it’s funny that after being fired from the ZČU, I became an BSS engineer at Vodafone ;o) ): "Your maths, my student, is "a piece of shit!"
I got fired - in order to keep my own peace, I understand myself as a renaissance artist going beyond to general science. As a proof of that I gave up my professorship in anthropology some time ago, when I was 42: Project Anthropoid, physics: Gravity of Worm Holes (I’m introducing spins (+-) of the matter into the „new“ physics) and psychiatry: Psychiatric Instincts in the Head of Depression.
Now what? ing Drábek - have you jerked off to me already? I find such people like ing Drábek just like ODS trying with registration fees (some time ago, Czech people had to pay about 100 CZK for a day in a hospital - of course the ODS with their attitude forgot to omit madhouses so those who were detained there didn’t even have money for fags - thank you, vehement fighters with the oligarch Babiš who lifted the Czech people to their fame - personality - and with the new Civil Code made my dream of Quiet Revolution come true) to concquer the world, with the illusion of clarity - what about? Conservatorists!
That takes a personality, ing Drábek, you know? Your matriculates who are fucked out with everything and nothing won’t take us from the television-actor world because during the five years spent at the university you are going to wash them a brain as a result of their fear that they wouldn’t complete the studies. That’ s not how we get out of the signal and the global warming (there is close connection to that).


Our gayity!

... that could be translated roughly as Our natural homosexuality. Gay state was officially eradicated from marriages in the year 2045. It was announced that registered partnership existed so that registered partners could be found easily and undergo treatment.
To treat atrophated homosexuality isolation and lithium are used - same as in the treatment of bipolar disorder which had e.g. Beethowen.
Czech country is literally covered with them, they are all over (wonder if it’s not due to the electromagnetic signal). Family is in the hands of tenderloin - me myself being a a-sexual-bi-sexual I had literally aversion to the ideal of Czech ladies i.e. the latent homosexual lanky Czech man ;o) - the tenderloin that keeps the family together. ;o)
Today, by the way, a civil paper was published on both platforms: Martin Meeka - Among Us Gays - 1. Revelation. So enjoy the reading.


See ya, chick!

Part of COBRAS, part of water, FUCK YOU Europe, not your waiter!

That’s how the attitude of Srí Lanka - the homeland of Cobras - could be summed up in a few words - regarding Europe. If you, kids, think that I have caused some troubles to Srí Lanka using the expression Fuck You, be assured that I haven’t, because there’s fucking during torture, that’s how it is!
The culture in Europe has probably died due to overdose of amphetamins even prior to its emergence - and that’s why toddles can’t wonder if a robber with a scarv on his face insted of a face mask scares them off on a bus! Imagine, dear members of bourjoisie circles, what would it be like if a standardised nose and mouth cover was introduced in Europe - it would probably make the members of parliament and presidents go on strike. (Freedom above all and if you have debts, you'll go to prison!) ;o)
I would hold these robbers accountable for sedition or at least suspicion of that! Or let them be treated by psychiatrists to cure their fear of doctors. Well, there are things happening in our world that suit madhouses not the statesmen and people in order to have a pseudofreedom where a lonely granny is scared her flat will get burned with firecrackers!


Mutiny on the Bounty (EDEN - paradise)!

Considering your misuse of the backwards note, no wonder you are surprised with the title. Oddly enough, we know about your signal mutiny, previous policemen kicked out of the paradise, and we date it back to 2077 and furthermore only the aftermath. Well, considering your misuse, no wonder you can’t compete with us because in fact you can’t even see in the retroactivty (infortunity).
The former art has vanished and the only thing remaining is the desire to conquer, natural for every human.
My biblical name is Noe aka Neo ;o), and the reason why I actually reveal the magical end of signal as well as the year 2077 on my websites is the fact I need to collect as many animals of my kind (I am a werebear) and the imaginary Ark and see to it that you don’t destroy yourselves before that year and the planet reaches the year 2077 as it is.
Those who have committed themselves already will be tormented mostly for attacking the former policemen with the signal. I wish you a nice and happy year 2022! ;o)


What are we putting in our buttonholes tomorrow?!
(Golden bullet Siciliana!)

I’m the last to say it’s hopeless but what’s going on at the Ukraine-Russia border should be sorted out by NATO. This option is to be solved unambiguously - that means using NETERA! The point that such a megalomaniac like Putin must be removed through a presidential act as defined by NETERA.
There are many Russians among my friends and they are just different, you know. They don’t care who rules the country - no one wants to live there anyway. ;o) As a result, if you plan it well, nobody’s going to miss him and if there is still someone who does, the rest will beat them up because they understand that Putin is just a piece of old junk!
As I mentioned many times before - the price of human life is just one human life - SO WHY GIVING A SHIT WITH A WAR SHITTER! BANG! Putin BANG! ... that could be a new song on MTV! ;o)


What are we putting in our buttonholes tomorrow II?!

This is the flag of a betrayed nation.

I don’t want to look for parallels in hell but what’s going on regarding the World against the Ukraine after the velvet revolution is really something we know from the Munic Agreement, Hitler against the Allies from 1938 when they because of their fear of Hitler ceded our Sudetenland to Hitler - there was mobilization in our country and the English kicked thier butts. But what is this all about:
When the Ukraine split from the former USSR - it gave up on its nuclear program and the EU as well as the USA promised protection as a reward for that. Where are they now when Ukraine is bleeding - they are kicking their heels with their wives in the attics!
No wonder Ukraine, according to the latest news, has been hiring everyone and anyone to protect the country. So common, guys, don’t we go for a ride to shoot the Russians right now?! ;o)


Fake Grease!

NATO defended itself! ;o)

I don’t want to get back to the past unnecessarily but there’s another case of about them - without them! What happened yesterday in the NATO summit really reminds me of the Munich Agreement between Hitler and the allies regarding Czechoslovakia in 1938. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they got together with Putin via videoconference inviting him to take part in the negotiations there - that would perfectly complete the picture of Munich and nothing would hinder the phantasy anymore, hence the question who is actually the war criminal here when the Muslim state is such a problem (see the war in Afghanistan).
I would like to know who wants to be actually a bigger agressor, if it’s the USA or the EU. I think it’s none of them and they just cowardly smile at each other and congratulate each other on the success of their grandchildren at the time of the Ukrainian crisis. They are trying to get as much gas as possible in order to please their voters - good job the Ukrainians are such brave warriors!


Trial with the Fake King!

... it sounds simple: The one who fucks up is the one to blame! I being the Fake King was locked in the madhouse even before starting the most interesting part of my life which means, according to all the paragraphs of the False King law, that the one who caused it is the one to blame. If the applicant doesn’t plead guilty (as guilt must be proven) the entire society gets blamed.
Looking at the current state of the law (as expressed by the imperial agent Mitti Innunan: Living as it is supposed to be - that used to be my domain - now I live without a name just like you - jerks present!) no wonder that this case will be sweapt under the table and I will be the one to blame. However, if I could make a suggestion in the cause of a world meaning - I would judge the society and house search at my neighbours, I’m sure there would be some evidence.
But we live where we live so is there not anyone out who would like to substitute the Police? Address: Na Líše street and Společná street, Plzeň (Pilsen), Czech Republic. Thank you. ;o)


Zed is dead, baby - ZET is dead!

Just like it is rhetorically outlined by the fictional boxer in the famous Pulp Fiction by Tarantino that became a cult movie, it’s about time someone breaks Putin’s neck. The only question is if it should be clockwise or counter-clockwise. As I know Putin, his wish would definitely be counter-clockwise (our famous Zed, always counter). ;o)
As expressed by Mia Farlow after having OD at the dealer: „Don't be so square!‟, dear Mister Putin - if people in Russia (I worked there, I know what I’m talking about) took a leaf out of the Pulp Fiction book, you wouldn’t have to be in such a shit becausse it’s really impossible to live there, the only thing you can do there is to get drunk on a regular basis! ;o)


666 vs Whore Manata!

Unce upon a time when the Sun was still up there our caregiver Manata tested what was going to happen in the times to come. And she paid a man for sex. And it was decided by the superior ones that in the next (non)round there will be prostitution.
The fact that our dear halves can’t cope with it is just sick. As I’m saying one whore is jealous of the other one.
It is really unbelievable what 666 (in other words beasts) we carry on our chest as vessels of sex, isn’t it, gentlemen?!
The woman (apart from Manata) is a completely unbelievable creature - she plays with everyone but when someone plays with her she’s ready to scratch your eyes out right away. Well we just drive our bitchy goddesses in the cars for actors… (see, advertising matters for women, right Bo) )


[: Izvinyite ma - igrayet Radio Revolutsiya :]

That’s how the internet radio [: Revoluciya :] used to start their announcements in the free Russian times celebrating the Gorbatchev breakthrough times in Russia all around the world. Looking at my equipment I used to be a DJ of this radio. However, the wind of change in Russia was quickly spoilt by Putin’s coup d’etat that has hit me with man's of Putin kalashnikov in front of my head having my wife looking at that. Surprisingly, the’ve really pushed it, cowards. Sorry, baby! ;o(
However, I could have counted with the help of the Universe and reincarnation as part of the really bestial behaviour of Putin’s henchmen thus I reincarnated right next to the King in Bohemia and established the STB, State (T)Secret Security (I was born in 1978) (we still had StB - State Secuity in Czechs - we, the soldiers of the Sabotage department, called them street patrolmen). We were in charge of all sorts both abroad and home, because, both Macrone and Putin were appointed by Zeman (the Czech president - by the way, according to the Presidential Constitutionas of the Czech Republic the Supreme Comander of all forces (God knows what do the bourgeoisie artists have in mind regarding us, right?!)), we are sure of that!
During that time in Czechs being close to the source I realized a big truth about the unbeatable nature of the bourgeoisie communism and corruption in presence of record (be it in the East or in the West - the actor just tries his best!!!) and maybe good fot the fool Putin because he only pointed at the problem of the white (666) with his diagnosis: paranoid schizophrenia.
But not to speak ill of the dead because I doubt Putin is still alive. Now there’s the question where is the Big Russia heading without that faint-hearted murderer whose psyche I copied just to be more fun (my diagnosis: schizoaffective manic disorder).
Nothing draws me to Russia anymore - first, I got fat in Czechs already and second, there is no one I could play for in Russia - Putin did definitely tried his best on the free-minded same as we did on him. So once again for the great glory of the free times when life was easy to live - Gorbi and Havel: [: Izvinyite ma - igrayet Radio Revolutsiya :] (I can be found under the Publishment Agressive Theraphy). PIC!!! ;o)

2022/22/04 20:13 GMT+1


So I was ended like a higher than presidets in mad-house, so presidents today ends in mad-house! ;o)


Rehabilitation through Putin!

In 1968 when the Czechoslovakia was right in the middle of the slow coup for better times named Communism with Human Face and the entire Dubček movement we were attacked by Warszaw Pact troops and the coup was stopped with the fake so-called Invitation Letter from the government of Czechoslovakia to the USSR. After conquering the land the Russians decided to stay and forced us with their sadomasochistic hypocrisy to sign (!every Czechoslovak citizen!) that we agreed with the entry of the Warsaw Pact troops.
My mother has allegedly not signed and it affected her career of a mathematics professor at a university - until her retirement she remained being assistant professor - !even the entire 30 years after the Velvet Revolution!
What other way could one understand Putin’s war in the Ukraine than a rehabilitation of everything the bourgeoisie lazy postcommunist bastards who could do nothing but kill all the authentic ones and keep those who cheated for money have not rehabilitated yet.
Anyway - we lack a right court trial with the communism and everyone who is just a little bit more informed than from the media knows that even the West is scared as it doesn’t want to loose its treasures.
So let’s hope that a war trial that must be carried out after the Ukraine war (after all the wrongdoings of the small by little-power Russian nation in Ukraine) with Putin (or his copy ;o) ) will make things right and my mother will be rehabilitated for her heroism as she righteously deserves!


Kryhplcity IN SPIRAL!

In betterway of today night find I interesting information. Do you know that you must broke a back to some poorman, that to should better gests of pub fuck on toilet - to should stand up a penis. ;o) ;o(


There is a lack of women in Russia - Putin has been attacking!

In his megalomaniac desire to rule the world Putin has "sold out" all Russian women who were worth it around the world as agents...
... and now he’s been lunching at the most beautiful ones who are still in his neighbourhood! I wonder if the world situation wouldn’t be resolved if we made Mr Putin read my work about natural homosexuality (NATO, recommend it to him in a note, please) Martin Meeka: Among us Gays! He might have fun watching the mud fights with his new friends from the USA.
I wonder if the song about a puff who doesn’t like puffs by the Czech group Wohnout not just about Putin. That Russia would contribute to the world consuming drugs - if someone "has to" - when the issue of Gays would be resolved in the East. ;o)
Well, the question "what is Putin good for" is really complicated - maybe it’s just about Russia getting ready for the first journey to the Moon without a space suit when the Russians finally get angry with the gay Putin - they will tie him to one of his squibs and he’s gonna go...


There is no democracy in Srí Lanka controlled by Europe - people are attacking!

According to the ČT news, riots of the free people from Kung Fu erupted in Srí Lanka - so it is not just some weedy devastation of the country but a blood battle. Just saying, for the introduction!
The fact Ceylon tea is grown there (in the holy land of spices) is only and exclusively a matter of Europe - be it the Great Small Britain or the Netherlands who has hands in it. Now is a time of business, freedom and self-determination. Has anyone asked the apes in Srí Lanka who is supposed to rule them? ;o)
The influence of white (or rather pink) bastards (because the television hasn’t managed to bring them up any better) is unbearable in regards of the planet and if the pig really ruled and didn’t have constant problems with the system stability - there would be an empty place instead of the Solar System, just like in their heads! ;o(
Well, the question „what is the pink pig good for“ is really simple - for fighting….. and that’s what it looks like in the world. The Harry Potter’s and Weeknd’s protective spell has just faded away and it’s getting tough!


Power of awareness!

Someone who hasn’t been slapped in their face by life doesn’t know anything about life and has been living in their own world (see my claim about the lack of legal capacities of the nowaday’s world).
According rulers with inferiority complex this world should be kept in fear because everybody feels that it’s not good for living: men look forward to the humming of the engine and women think how to get out of that one day. What a vampire would just introduce self-defence at school?! ;o(
Well, our loans are increasing and the interest is ridiculous - but that’s life. The sooner a revolution comes the better!
But everything has to be prepare to the smallest detail: So I declare herewith the Great Quiet Revolution on 7th of November AD2077!!! ... and hackers: pacifistically - no racquets.


The power of education!
little anthropological analysis

Anthropology deals with individuals in terms of the crowd. All in all it is about why the peaceful Parisians cheered over the execution of Marie Antoinette by guilotine (it would be an interesting anthropological study).
In our Quiet Revolution, it is about forcing the rulers of this world, not that they would want it themselves, "the stretching" has already begun, to add self-defense to the educational program in schools.
I myself have taken up the "inferior" Tai-chi for women followed by Kan-Li for women, then Kung-Fu for Jackie ;o), topping it up with the fighting-knowlige C:du for Netera. The feeling arising from that which brings me a Nirvana-inducing strength is not only desire to defend myself but also the necessary techniques!
So what can we write down in the diary of the original sin?: It has all started with aerobics!!! ;o)


QUEER deal!

Thanks to Mr. Babiš (our Quiet Revolution leader) whom I like and support as much as I can inspite of having voted for ODA as I don’t vote for ANNO because of Babiš’s catchers (members of the movement) we have Prague Pride, if the years do not correspond then it’s the fault of the backwards note. Years ago the ODS made a secret agreement with ČSSD immediately after Paroubek’s war at CzechTech (being a schizofrenic, he is probably afraid of LSD effects) and they agreed that there won’t be any Queer enforcement, it could be literally called a QueerDelete agreement.
I myself am ambidextrous (werebear) – such a little bear family) so I understand the Trans gender and I am deleted as well (by my favorite Psychiatric hospital Dobřany)!
I am there at the moment so I can witness very productive discussions about life I’ve been involved as well. One patient complained about the fact that always when a new tarmac is laid they cut it because of some new utilities. My answer was: „Well, they just don’t know how to use computers yet!“
... and that’s what it all is about, dear Queers! I am putting you in the first line against the toilet papers though it is only about the number of victims - the control control authoring will be checked by a computer! Thank you for your understanding and for the fact that there is Nipl from Nicky (Satan junior). (you are)


The OLD in the hands of the police!

The old Vampire of this round (Kan-Li knows what I’m writing about) fell into the hands of the Czech Police around the year AD2013 and they violently recruited him for their appetites (the so called seeing of the world (through the so called blue brain)). What has come out of that is something I’m trying to analyze at (everything that is being mentioned!).
What has actually come out of that (that since '48 we are going from the previous epocha and AD2077 and in '68 for a change from the past round i.e. according to my philology theory encompassing e.g. the fact that the Sun is a black hole and it still has to be created backwardly from AD2077 till '48, is "inside" (believe it or not) Asia) no man let alone a police man will defend (I hope!) because it’s a matter of retrogradation (infortunity).
... and that’s what it’s all about, dear Pears! … surprisingly, we thank the policemens. A former member of STB - currently a member of the American CID {Kan-Li}


Revenge for Afghanistan (cooperation or callaboration?)!

Once upon a time in the good old days of beauty there was a alleged war in Afghanistan, allegedly as a revenge for the September 11. The whole AL Kajda name sounds Czech and I think it’s true. - Al Bundy from the series Married with Children shits out (translation for the U.S.A.). It is questionnable if the American CIA believes that’s what Czech people think about Al or what that actually means.
My previous columns about free Ukraine led me to the conclusion I published at and if you managed to read till the end you must understand that I’m such a fool to think that Krym has been occupied by the U.S. Army(a) from its dharma ;o) and it is now attacking Europe being the root of all evil at the September 11 - that’s the best internal revenge against CIA by the U.S. Army (because CIA is in my opinion controlled by Europe or the European bourgeoisie).
Now when CID (something like a military connector between the U.S.A. and U.S.A.A. ( governs in the U.S.A., this was enabled and the warmonger has been becoming a free military establíshment. Let’s hope the U.S. flags won’t be burned in Mekka anymore (from a woman’s point of view - Muhammad, the prophet)... ;o)


Just the U.S.!

I don’t know about you but I am just tired of the promises like „The world is going to be better!“ There is nothing worse than having the problem of most people hidden behind a quarrel between the U.S.A. and the E.U. „There were loads of such situations, you know!“ a bourgeoisie newsagent is rubbing her hands….However, I’m not losing my faith and push against the trans-atlantic rift to help me create more Trans ones, create new essays (…just like Martin Meeka) or make more websites...
The principle of U.S. grouping the entire Europe and North America is complicated - in today’s point of view we could say: a virtue out of necessity. (Because a necessary decay of economy is coming - e.g. not enough money for defense but we have to be able to defend ourselves, right). It is something you can’t find at the doorstep, something that lies dormant somewhere. It is a precize theory how to survive adversity in togetherness and brotherhood that has actually being offered by France for such a long time.
Nevertheless it is necessary to agree on many things and arrange many meetings at the round tables. I just wish for the white man to find his racial identity and stop backseat driving - as he likes the most when he’s insecure... ;o)


Sanctions for the bank!

What a problem did we as NATO Europe create again? With the sanctions we pissed Russia off and we ourselves just punish every stupid little thing such as the September 11. Even if you know how pissed off I am with Putin, the fact is that the USA is a buffalo cub and Russia is just like its cowboy and we are moving inbetween (I live in the Czech Republic).
I am grateful to Russia that it didn’t let Afghanistan fall in the so called most stupid war of the century and created the Muslim State instead, a member of which I am as well (code name: prophet Muhammed) rather than watching the Big Calf destroying the peaceful muslim country and introducing a system „for women“ based on raping them (if they haven’t got them drunk while torturing them ;o) )!
So just take it the way that you have a permission for the half of your energy from Russia and Mecca and you’ve just pour the oil to the fire of the baptist-orthodox fight.
So on behalf of the Muslim State: „Where are any sanctions against NATO?!"
-the author is Marazko-

translation by MPS Ltd. Prague CZ

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