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Impetuous column
or How to Extract Back Tooth to Bourgeoisie.

Note of author: Till 2020/10/5 was ordering my columns Czech TV and Goverment of Czech Rep., whoam I send the refer-tag to this site. - The thema is unriddling by me only! ;o)


About A Small Dragon.

Once upon the time, the wise Ezop met a dragon on his way home. Words appear in Ezop’s head: "I need you to take care of my baby." "Ok, I haven’t brought up a dragon yet, I can’t go wrong," is Ezop’s response taking dragon’s egg back home.
Two days later, a dragon hatched. Ezop was still sleeping. The dragon went to the fields - a Bohemia anthem sounded - and a woman appeared next to him. "New here?" she asked, "so let’s get Ezop, what a daring to accept a dragon in his home, Valas, do your job!" Valas comes, initiates the dragon so he shines bright and Ezop with his house is gone. Instead of that we have a valley with a cave and the dragon having the same size as his parent. "He was good, that Ezop - we’ve enjoyed it a lot, my youth etc. He longed for that - giving me birth," the dragon says to Ezop’s friends…

Fates of people and dragons have been vailed with something strange since ancient times - strange of Secret - maybe they are born this way, maybe some other way. That’s a matter of fantasy, nothing to do with us. Trust our animals more than us. The more we want to fight for their rights, the less we really undrstand what they want. I think that rat tests is something rats ask for straight and they do not want to live it us much. When you think about nature, no one knows who is the father and who is the son, who eats whom, who uses whom.
So hail to Ezop - he gave birth to the dragon.
-the author is Marazko-

translation by MPS Ltd. Prague CZ

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