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Impetuous column
or How to Extract Back Tooth to Bourgeoisie.

Note of author: Till 2020/10/5 was ordering my columns Czech TV and Goverment of Czech Rep., whoam I send the refer-tag to this site. - The thema is unriddling by me only! ;o)


Another Syndrom Has Come into Existence!

I was talking to the voices again the other day and I caught myself having a stressed ending at the end of a sentence just like Mr Babiš. I was thinking what could that be caused with and there was only one explanation that came to my mind:
long time ago when we would play with computers in our free educational time we also had a Mensa IQ testing program and I had the maximum result on that - i.e. IQ 130. Nowadays the scale has changed but it doesn’t matter.
Many times during that 13 years I spoke with the voices complaining how paradoxical it was that an IQ 130 had to deal with an IQ 80 for 13 years. In time I became somehow melancholic seeing no way out. I for myself call this state of being Babiš syndrome. ;o)
-the author is Marazko-

translation by MPS Ltd. Prague CZ

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